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How I Can Help

If you are an injured federal employee, I can help you get and/or keep the federal workers' compensation benefits to which you are entitled. I can help you file claims, I can represent you at hearings, and I can otherwise guide you through the OWCP claims process. Feel free to contact me at any point in your claims process. 

Here are some of the types of situations I routinely handle:

  • Third party claims in FECA cases
    If someone's actions caused your work injury, or caused you to be further injured during the workers compensation process, you may have a "third party" case against them. These are complex and sometimes expensive cases to pursue. There are also time limitations that, if you miss, would cause you to be unable to pursue your claim. OWCP has rights to share in any recovery and, if you fail to pursue a claim, or fail to notify OWCP that you are pursuing a claim, there are very serious penalties.

    Here are some examples of situations that may lead to a third party case: you are a USPS carrier and (1) get injured at a customer property, or (2) get injured in an accident while operating a government vehicle, or (3) get injured while using a product in performing your job. Additionally, if you get hurt while receiving benefits, there may be further coverage by workers compensation and a third party case. This can arise if you are injured while doing something related to your workers compensation case; for example, (1) you are in a car wreck going to or from doctors appointments, or (2) something goes wrong with your medical care that is the result of negligence.

    If you fail to pursue a third party case within the relevant statute of limitation, that can be a basis for OWCP to determine that you have forfeited your right to receive FECA benefits!

    Resolution of third party lawsuits and liens involves highly technical issues that can create problems even for lawyers. A layperson should NOT try to handle these matters themselves as there are just too many risks and pitfalls.

Every situation is different; the facts of your case or the strategy applied to your case are unique. Reading this page is not a substitute for being represented by a lawyer or fully understanding the federal workers' compensation process.

As an advocate for injured federal workers, I take issue with many of the processes and procedures that govern the OWCP. I report these in my OWCP Lawyer's Blog. Subscribe to it to keep up-to-date with the latest news and developments affecting federal workers' compensation.




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