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How I Can Help

If you are an injured federal employee, I can help you get and/or keep the federal workers' compensation benefits to which you are entitled. I can help you file claims, I can represent you at hearings, and I can otherwise guide you through the OWCP claims process. Feel free to contact me at any point in your claims process. 

Here are some of the types of situations I routinely handle:

  • Notice of proposed termination of benefits

  • Notice of proposed reduction of compensation pay

  • Notice of suitable employment
    This letter tells you that a job you have been offered is determined by OWCP to be "suitable." This situation is VERY dangerous; many well-intentioned workers lose their monetary benefits in this process because they do not understand the gravity of what is happening and are not careful enough in handling their response. Be on alert. You should either be confident that you fully understand what is happening, or you should be represented by a lawyer. You must either accept the job or refuse the job WITHIN thirty days. OWCP must have your response in writing, and you must be able to prove they RECEIVED your written response before the end of the thirtieth day. If you mess this up, you forfeit your entitlement to receive any further money from OWCP. You will get an opportunity to appeal the decision. If you do not win on appeal, you have lost all monetary benefits FOREVER on that case.

  • Schedule awards

  • Stress claims

Every situation is different; the facts of your case or the strategy applied to your case are unique. Reading this page is not a substitute for being represented by a lawyer or fully understanding the federal workers' compensation process.

As an advocate for injured federal workers, I take issue with many of the processes and procedures that govern the OWCP. I report these in my OWCP Lawyer's Blog. Subscribe to it to keep up-to-date with the latest news and developments affecting federal workers' compensation.




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